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BBC Great British Sewing Bee fans left complaining over 'impossible' change

The BBC sewing competition was back for the second episode of the new series.

  • May 28 2024
  • 45
BBC Great British Sewing Bee fans left complaining over 'impossible' change
BBC Great British Sewing Bee fans left complaining over 'impossible' change

Sewing Bee

This week was sports week (Image: BBC)

The Great British Sewing Bee was back on BBC One for the second instalment of the 2024 competition - And fans were not impressed.

Those watching at home begged for changes to be made as they branded the challenges to be "impossible" due to a time constraint for the contestants. This week was sports week, with judges Patrick Grant and Esme Young setting the sewers three challenges.

They were given creative briefs which included working on a pattern for a winter sportswear staple, the half-zip fleece. The contestants also had to make a new outfit from cricket whites and protection gear.

Finally, in the made-to-measure challenge, the contestants nominated a country to make an outfit for an international sporting event. But for a second week running, the competition saw a wonky zip, an unfinished hem and an ill-fitting waistband.

Fans at home thought they knew the cause of such shoddy work - A lack of time. With just 90 minutes to come up with their designs, viewers felt like it wasn't enough.

BBC's Sewing Bee

Fans thought there wasn't enough time (Image: BBC)

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), one user wrote: "Just catching up on the #SewingBee. Wish they gave the contestants more time - rather than bemoaning the garment isn’t finished/rushed.

"So many garments must be binned as they won’t be wearable or fixable. Just increase the time given @sewingbee Loving @kfRedhot as new host."

Another penned: "Is it just me or are the challenges on #SewingBee getting very complicated for such an early stage in the competition?" Someone added: "They need to up the time I’m not impressed #sewingbee #gbsb".

A fourth wrote: "Sad to say I'm not impressed by #sewingbee so far. The new host looks lost. The editing is very poor.

Sewing Bee on BBC One

Fans complained on social media (Image: BBC)

"Too much quick switching between contestants. Worst of all, most of the contestants don't appear to be able to sew. They're not given nearly enough time to complete anything."

Others were convinced that contestants had longer time to carry out their work in previous seasons as someone wrote: "I swear they have reduced the time! #gbsb #sewingbee."

Someone else added: "Oh no #sewingbee seems to be going down the bake-off route and making the tasks impossible. If no one finishes in time, it’s because there wasn’t enough time!"

The Great British Sewing Bee airs Tuesdays on BBC One at 9pm.


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