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Britain's Got Talent semi-final act forced to restart after on-stage blunder

Matteo Fraziano was forced to stop his act during the semi-final of Britain's Got Talent after a mishap during the live show plunged his performance into chaos

  • May 28 2024
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Britain's Got Talent semi-final act forced to restart after on-stage blunder
Britain's Got Talent semi-final act forced to restart after on-stage blunder

Britain's Got Talent logo

The Britain's Got Talent logo (Image: ITV / Thames / Syco)

There was a moment of chaos during Britain's Got Talent's semi-final when Italian shadow artist, Matteo Fraziano, had to pause his act due to an on-stage mishap. Young comedian Matteo was in the middle of performing when he appeared to drop an item, prompting a crew member to step in.

Despite the incident, Matteo managed to pick up where he left off with his act carrying on smoothly.

Simon Cowell praised him for his recovery during the judges' comments, stating: "I thought it was silly, childish and brilliant at the same time. For you to recover after - honestly, I thought the whole thing just wasn't going to happen at the beginning and you really picked yourself up quickly after that, so good for you."

Ant praised Matteo for his professionalism: "Well done you. After the torch moment at the beginning there, to get yourself back on track, that took nerves and true professionalism."

Unfazed by the hiccup, Matteo told Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly: "I was so excited about all of this. For me, it's such an adventure, a great experience", reports OK!.

Matteo Fraziano during the semi-final

Matteo Fraziano during the semi-final (Image: ITV)

Ant jokingly added: "So Matteo, it's not just Bruno that speaks quickly, it's all Italians!"

Matteo won over the judges with his unique spectacle of shadow impressions, including Elvis and Eminem.

During the semi-final, he even roped in Dec to join him on stage.

Simon Cowell is one of the show's judges

Simon Cowell is one of the show's judges (Image: ITV)

Dec appeared slightly nervous as Matteo guided him to a chair and played 'That's Amore', with Matteo miming the lyrics before his shadow leaned in for a kiss.

The shadow then morphed into a dog, prompting laughter from the audience as Dec and the shadow dog re-enacted the iconic spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp.

Simon was impressed by Matteo's performance, but Alesha Dixon admitted she wasn't as taken.

She confessed: "I loved your audition, but I have to be honest, it didn't really set me on fire tonight. It just left me feeling a little bit flat."

Matteo Fraziano

Matteo Fraziano experience a blunder on BGT (Image: Dymond/Thames/REX/Shutterstock)

"I loved that you involved the boys. But I don't know, I just wasn't feeling it tonight, I'm sorry."

Her comments were met with loud 'boos' from the audience.

Matteo had a challenging act to follow, performing after Alesha's Golden Buzzer act Ravi's Dream Team and her favourite Ace Clvrk.

Ssaulabi Performance Dance Troup and Innocent Masuku have already secured their places in the Britain's Got Talent final.


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