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Emmerdale's Belle Dingle lashes out as viewers 'work out' Tom King's downfall

Emmerdale viewers saw Belle Dingle reach her limit on Thursday night as her abusive husband went a step too far.

  • May 23 2024
  • 117
Emmerdale's Belle Dingle lashes out as viewers 'work out' Tom King's downfall
Emmerdale's Belle Dingle lashes out as viewers 'work out' Tom King's downfall

Emmerdale: Tom tells Liam Belle has an anger issue

On Thursday’s instalment of viewers continued to watch Belle Dingle (played by Eden Taylor-Draper) get manipulated by husband Tom King (James Chase). During the episode, fans learned it was the anniversary of her mum Lisa Dingle’s (Jane Cox) death.

Despite Belle clearly not being herself, Tom decided not to acknowledge the hard day and demanded she stay at home to wait for a parcel delivery. Later on, when Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) invited Belle to join her and her husband on a picnic, Belle explained she couldn’t leave the house, not wanting to make Tom angry.

However, as the parcel didn’t arrive, Belle decided to try and be with her family, not wanting to spend the day alone. Sadly, she missed Lydia who had already set off on the picnic, as soap fans saw Belle break down in tears on their sofa.

Deciding to join Tom for lunch, he was seething at Belle when he got a message on his phone alerting him that his delivery was missed. As they left the Bistro, the pair were arguing in the street as Belle informed her husband of the anniversary of her mum’s death.

Admitting that he knew, she was furious at him for not being more considerate. Although, as their voices started to rise, Rhona Kirk (Zoë Henry), Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) and Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) watched on.


Belle Dingle lashes out at Tom King on Thursday night (Image: ITV)

As Belle told her husband she didn’t know he was aware of how hard the day was for her, he lashed out with a vile remark.

He said: “I couldn’t be more aware if you dug her up and plonked her outside of the pub where she was probably at her happiest.”

When he walked away from her, knowing what he said had struck a nerve, Belle chased after him in a fit of rage.

Before pushing him to the ground, she reeled: “Don’t you dare walk away from me.”


Tom said a vile remark about Belle's mum (Image: ITV)

Seeing the whole ordeal unfold, Marlon, Vanessa and Rhona came rushing over to try and de-escalate the situation.

As Tom made out that he was the victim, Lydia and Sam Dingle (James Hooton) took a shaken Belle inside.

Offering her to stay with them for a while, Belle initially agreed before saying she’d go back with her husband.

However, Lydia was clearly concerned for Belle as she highlighted something must’ve upset her for her to lash out.

As Lydia believes something isn’t right, along with the trio witnessing the whole situation, viewers think Tom’s downfall could be imminent.


Tom has been manipulating the village to think that Belle is the abuser (Image: ITV)

@CaptMagenta said: “After the way he manipulated them. Surely Vanessa and Rhona would realise Tom had wound Belle up for her to react like that.”

@ifeelflames added: “Given the way Tom spoke to Rhona and Vanessa, SURELY they must start to see through him.”

@Chris1968E commented: “Will Lydia crack on that Belle's not right [sic] or will she think all's hunky dory.”

@LelJoyce tweeted: “Come on Lydia, do the detective work & help Belle get the hell out of her rotten marriage.”

Emmerdale continues weekdays on ITV from 7:30pm.


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