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Racing to finish

Wally has issued a progress update on the wallywind110 and wallyrocket51 ahead of their launch later this year. ...Learn more.

  • May 27 2024
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Racing to finish
Racing to finish

Excitement is growing at Wally as work nears completion on two new sailing boats, the wallywind110 and the wallyrocket51, which will both be delivered in the middle of the year.

The wallywind110 has been progressing since the Wally brand became part of Italian boating giant Ferretti Group in 2019. Work began in 2022 and now the first boat in Wally’s new line of performance cruisers has reached the end of the outfitting phase.

The all-carbon hull has been laminated on a female mould and painted in a luminous metallic blue that changes slightly as light hits it.

The next big hurdle to leap will be the 40km journey to the sea via truck. Although this is an operation that both the Wally team and the inhabitants of Forlì are familiar with, it will still require careful preparation to avoid overhanging tree branches and to remove road signs where necessary.


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