Harry & Meghan episode 3: Most dramatic moments from Thomas' texts to 'unsafe' Doria | The first three episodes of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's documentary series have been released on Netflix and episode three is packed with surpris

Harry & Meghan episode 3: Most dramatic moments from Thomas' texts to 'unsafe' Doria

Harry & Meghan episode 3: Most dramatic moments from Thomas' texts to 'unsafe' Doria

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The highly anticipated docuseries Harry & Meghan has finally been released on and with three of the six episodes now available on the streaming platform, viewers can expect plenty of shocking revelations.

In the new documentary series, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have opened up about their lives together, from the moment their relationship was publicised and the scrutiny received from both the media and Royal Family. 

With the first two episodes reflecting on the early days of their romance and the start of their public relationship, episode three shines a light on their 2017 engagement and how Meghan grappled with her new life as a Royal. Express.co.uk have some of the most explosive highlights from the third instalment. 

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Harry & Meghan episode 3: All the explosive moments from Netflix series (Image: Netflix) READ MORE Dick Strawbridge shares touching real reason for ending series Meghan’s mum felt “unsafe” after paparazzi stalking

Following the couple’s engagement announcement, the public interest, especially in Meghan intensified with family and friends of the former actress being swept up in the media frenzy. 

saying: “I felt unsafe a lot. I can’t just go walk my dogs. I can’t just go to work.”

“There was always someone there waiting for me,” she continued as she exposed the desperate measures paparazzi were taking to uncover a story. 

“The press were ruthless. They would go to my parent’s home,” said childhood friend Susan Willinger, recalling all the lengths the press would go to uncover a story. 

Meghan shares explosive revelations following her engagement with Prince Harry (Image: Netflix)

Former Palace spokesman regrets telling Meghan and Harry to “play the game” with press

James Holt, former Palace spokesman and Executive Director of the Archwell Foundation admitted: “I actually regret it wholeheartedly,” as he shared his experiences dealing with the press on behalf of Meghan and Harry. 

During an event he was taking part in alongside the Duke and Duchess, James revealed a photographer had asked: “Oh can’t you get him to do something more? He doesn’t perform for us anymore.” He then went on to confess he had told the couple to “play the game.”

It was this regrettable decision, James said, that led to the family feeling they had an “obligation to perform” in exchange for positive coverage in the newspapers.

He continued: “If they didn’t you would fall out of favour and then any opportunity would be used to write negative or highlight negative would be taken.”

Meghan opened up about grappling with her new life as a Royal (Image: Netflix)

Meghan exposes text conversations with father before wedding

 It was reported that five days before the Royal Wedding, Meghan’s father Thomas had been hospitalised. But in the episode, who had not been responding. 

“All of this is incredibly concerning, but your health is most important,” said one of the texts, as she tried to get hold of Thomas. 

Meghan recalled the moment she discovered her father had been speaking to the press ahead of the big day, but the responses she received from her father led her to believe his phone had been “compromised".

“That’s not my dad,” she said, speaking of the worrying texts she had received from her father’s phone. It was through the tabloid newspapers that she discovered Thomas would not be attending the wedding. 

Meghan revealed texts shared with her father days before the Royal Wedding (Image: Netflix) Don't miss these key moments from Harry & Meghan episode 3

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Prince Harry admits Nazi costume was “one of the biggest mistakes of my life”

Harry shines a light on racism in the press during the early stages of the couple’s relationship in the documentary.

In episode three, following a discussion about a racist brooch worn by Princess Michael at a royal dinner, the focus is shifted to the controversial reports of Harry wearing a Nazi uniform.

The documentary revealed the reports from 2005, with Harry responding to the incident.

Speaking to the camera, he said: “It was the biggest mistake of my life.”

Meghan revealed “it started to get scary” amid suspected terror threat

As the media frenzy was in full swing, Meghan revealed how things really “started to get scary” when she received a suspicious package with “some kind of white substance".

The suspected terror threat followed the wave of abuse and harassment Meghan had been receiving from the public and media.

“This was on the heels of those terror attacks,” Meghan shared to the camera as she and Harry recalled the concerns they were facing in the lead-up to the wedding and the fear that followed. 

In the same episode Harry said how he released a public statement condemning the targeted racial abuse towards Meghan in the press. 

Harry & Meghan part 1 is on Netflix now. Part 2 airs on December 15.

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