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Telstra customers' details included in leaked data file

Posted to hacking forum.

  • Apr 11 2024
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Telstra customers' details included in leaked data file
Telstra customers' details included in leaked data file

About 3000 Telstra customers with OptiComm-based broadband services have had some personal information leaked as part of a data file published to a hacking forum.

Telstra customers' details included in leaked data file

The customers had names, email addresses and phone numbers included in the data file.

Telstra is one of many retail service providers (RSPs) to resell OptiComm-based services. OptiComm, which is owned by Uniti, built mainly fibre networks in new housing estates.

A Telstra spokesperson told iTnews that it is "working closely with OptiComm to investigate how the data was accessed and to notify the relevant authorities.” 

A hacking forum user claimed the data file contained 47,281 rows of records from “OptiComm[‘s] orders database”. 

It is understood that much of the file contains dummy data.

OptiComm said in a statement that the data file was not “obtained by a compromise of the Opticomm operating and business systems.” 

"The information published relates specifically to the RSP only, in respect of services acquired by the RSP from OptiComm," it said.

According to OptiComm’s statement, released two days after the leak, it is assisting Telstra “to investigate the breach.” 

OptiComm did not reply to iTnews' request for comment.

iTnews contacted 12 of Opticomm’s largest retail services providers to confirm if any of their users had been impacted by the leak. 

So far, Superloop, Exetel, Pentanet and Origin have confirmed that none of their customers were affected. 

The Telstra spokesperson said that its immediate priority is notifying the affected customers and providing them with security advice.

“We are in the process of contacting all impacted customers and [have] offered them support from IDCare, Australia’s national identity and cyber security community support service.”

OptiComm, one of the nation’s largest fibre network operators competing with NBN, was acquired by Uniti for $532 million in June 2020; Uniti purchased Telstra's FTTP network Velocity for $140m in December of the same year. 

In 2022 Uniti Group was delisted from the ASX when acquired by a consortium of digital infrastructure investors led by Morrison & Co.

Neither Morrison & Co nor Uniti replied to iTnews' requests for comment.


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