The cheapest Dyson sales, offers and deals for vacuum cleaners in April 2020 | We've rounded up the best Dyson offers on the vacuum cleaner hoover range.

The cheapest Dyson sales, offers and deals for vacuum cleaners in April 2020

The cheapest Dyson sales, offers and deals for vacuum cleaners in April 2020

The cheapest Dyson sales, offers and deals for vacuum cleaners in April 2020

The cheapest Dyson sales, offers and deals for vacuum cleaners in April 2020

The cheapest Dyson sales, offers and deals for vacuum cleaners in April 2020

The cheapest Dyson sales, offers and deals for vacuum cleaners in April 2020
The cheapest Dyson sales, offers and deals for vacuum cleaners in April 2020
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Dyson vacuum cleaners have become some of the most highly sought after items in the home thanks to their excellent build quality, suction power, and eye-catching design. So where are the cheapest Dyson sales happening right now?

We've got you covered as we've just updated our guide to the best Dyson vacuum cleaner deals with our price comparison technology searching through the best retailers for the best prices. With some of the older Dysons being put out to pasture now, we've highlighted the most recent models, along with some of the older ones we still think are worth a look when the price is right.

Dyson's cordless vacuum cleaners with a pole attachment are the most popular options nowadays, so that's what we've covered first. And while all of the V-series models we've mention can also be used in handheld mode by removing the pole, there is a bespoke handheld Dyson called the V7 Trigger we've highlighted too. After that, you'll find our picks of the best remaining traditional upright Dysons if you prefer the raw power and always-ready options provided by being able to plug-in directly to the mains at home. 

Dyson isn't stopping with just vacuum cleaners either, the company has also made one of the world's top-rated hairdryers too. Take a look at the latest Dyson hair dryer prices if you don't believe us.

cheap dyson deals prices offers Dyson V11 Absolute

If you're after the very best cordless vacuum cleaner on the market, the Dyson V11 Absolute can't be beaten. The UK company has somehow made the V series' Air Watts (AW) suction even higher than the V10s in the latest model. There's even a fancy LCD display, because apparently Dyson is getting too fancy for mere coloured lights.

This improved tech makes it the most expensive Dyson on the market though and it's a bit heavier than the older model with a longer charge time. But if you're after that top-level performance on carpets and hard surfaces, this is the Dyson deal for you. 

If you're willing to compromise and grab a slightly less powerful model, you could save a lot of money by checking out the cheaper V11 Animal or V10 Dyson deals. 

cheap Dyson V11 Animal deals prices sales

The Dyson V11 Animal has probably caught your eye today as it's a fair whack cheaper than the V11 Absolute. Let's find out why.

The V11 Animal is just as powerful, but doesn't come with a soft roller cleaner head, which is excellent on hard surfaces as it's able to pick up fine dust that the regular roller version might miss. Otherwise, attachments are the same as those found on the V11 Absolute. So, if you're not too bothered about the diminished (but still pretty great) performance on hard surfaces - perhaps you're going to be cleaning carpets more anyway - you may as well save the cash by checking out the latest V11 Animal deals.

dyson deals

This was the top end cordless Dyson until the V11 came along, but given the massive difference in price, this might be the most sensible option for most buyers. Compared to the V8 (there was no V9, number fans) it has improved suction, better battery and a larger dirt bin. The V10 also marks the first time we had a genuine alternative to a corded vacuum cleaner. In the box, you'll find a direct drive cleaner head, soft roller cleaner head, docking station, and a charger. The Absolute also comes with a selection of quick-release items like the combination tool, mini motorhead tool, mini soft dusting brush, and the crevice tool.

With the arrival of the V11, you'll find plenty of Dyson deals on these V10 models, making them ever more affordable. 

Dyson V10 total clean cyclone prices deals offers

Only available in the UK. For the extra cost at launch (£50 more) it could be said you didn't really get enough to justify the extra cost of the V10 Total Clean over the Absolute. Since then though, Dyson deals have meant that prices have naturally dropped and you might be able to get the Total Clean for a price closer to the Absolute's if the extras appeal to you. 

Extra attachments aside, the V10 Total Clean is the same excellent cordless vacuum cleaner as the Absolute. You'll still find a direct drive cleaner head, soft roller cleaner head, docking station and a charger in the box, however, the quick-release attachments are different. Here you're getting a mattress tool, an up-top adaptor (for those hard to reach cupboard tops, for example), an extension hose, combination tool, mini motorhead tool, mini soft dusting brush and the crevice tool.

cheap dyson sales deals offers

It's all in the name here, the Dyson V10 Animal is specifically designed to suck up all those annoying pet hairs from your carpets and furniture. Where other vacuums often seem to just push the hair in deeper, the V10 Animal really dives in to get them out. Tools included with the V10 Animal include a combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorised tool and a soft dusting brush.

What you don't get in the V10 Animal package (hence the cheaper price) is the soft roller brush which is especially good on hard surfaces as it provides more complete coverage and gathers finer dust and dirt particles that the regular roller might not pick up. So if you have more hard floors than carpets at home, you may want to take a look at the Absolute models instead.

cheap Dyson Absolute hoover offers

Just a few short years ago, the V8 was the ultimate version of Dyson's cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaners. The Absolute model comes with a soft roller head (great for hard floors) in addition to the regular one, and still provides a fairly powerful clean. The main draw here is the price, with Dyson vacuum cleaner deals discounting the older V8 model more and more nowadays. If prices remain similar to the V10, however, it's more worth your while paying a little more for the later version. 

cheap Dyson animal deals

You'll save about £100 / $100 in general on the latest V8 Absolution Dyson vacuum cleaner deals over the V10. So, for a third less than the next model up, what are you getting for your cash? 

The V8 cordless vacuum cleaner is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that's still very capable despite its lower power. The main difference between this and the Absolute above is the lack of a soft brush roller head, which is great for picking up finer dirt on hard surfaces. If you're using this more for carpets though, then you might as well save the money with the cheaper V8 Animal version.

Dyson V7 Trigger deals sales prices

The Dyson V7 Trigger wipes the floor with handheld vacuum cleaners as you know them. You know the ones we're on about - those weedy little things that look more like an anteater's nose than a vacuum cleaner and barely make hairballs wobble never mind removed. So if you're ready for a whopping 100 Air Watts of suction, check out the V7 Trigger.

These are best suited for getting to those hard to reach places like doorframes as well as cleaning up dust from hard surfaces or removing pet hair from the sofa. If your home doesn't have any carpets, this is a very viable option instead and can be easily stored in smaller places a regular vacuum cleaner wouldn't fit. Naturally, all of the cordless vacuums mentioned earlier on this page allow you to remove the tube for a handheld mode too, although they're significantly more expensive than these Dyson V7 Trigger prices.

cheap dyson vacuum cleaners

As you've seen with the other Dyson vacuum cleaner deals on this page, they're far from cheap. For the most part at least, as the Dyson Light Ball is less than half the price of the newest cordless vacuum cleaners.

Sure you've got a power cord on it and upright vacuums aren't ideal on the stairs, but if you want a powerful cleaner with the Dyson name on it, the highly manoeuvrable Light Ball comes highly recommended thanks to it's 90W of suction power that can handle carpets and hard surfaces alike.

It has a larger storage bin than the cordless Dysons too so you certainly won't need to empty it anywhere near as often. While not as powerful as some of the more expensive upright Dysons we feel this one offers the best value for money given the sharp price increase on the others.

cheap Dyson offers

Looking for something lightweight but not bothered about going cordless yet? The Dyson Small Ball is one of the lightest upright vacuum cleaners in Dyson's range at 5.5Kg and has a collapsible handle allowing you to store it in smaller spaces than most uprights. The Small Ball is also available in an 'Animal' variant that comes with a turbine tool for getting stubborn pet hair off the furniture.

cheap Dyson hoover offers

So you're after the beast huh? The 120AW suction power rating should pick up anything you and the kids can throw on the carpet. Hell, those carpet tacks better look out! With a 2.18 litre storage bin you'll be hoovering for ages before needing to empty it out and the 15m reach should let you get around most of the house without having to swap plugs.

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