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Shopping For a New Racket? Buyer’s Guide

However, having the right racket is a plus to elevate your game. Not all rackets are made the same. Padel rackets are designed based on play style and experience level. Here, we have essential tips to help you buy the perfect padel racket for your ga

By: Easy Branches Team

  • Feb 26 2024
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Shopping For a New Racket? Buyer’s Guide
Shopping For a New Racket? Buyer’s Guide

The sight of people playing padel after work and on the weekends is quite common, especially in major cities. It is easy to play and less physical compared to tennis.

However, having the right racket is a plus to elevate your game. Not all rackets are made the same. Padel rackets are designed based on play style and experience level. Here, we have essential tips to help you buy the perfect padel racket for your game.

Why We Recommend Padel USA

Padel USA has built its name as a leading online shop for padel gear. You will find everything from footwear to rackets and bags. They have the widest variety of padel rackets from sports-leading brands. You can read more here on racket brands and other gear available for sale.

The shop has also invested in a team of experts to guide when shopping. It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or an expert, the staff will help you buy a racket suiting your play style and budget.

You can’t ignore the powerful inbuilt features that makes shopping easier. You can filter rackets based on your budget, experience, or brand. They have daily sales, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

Now that you know about the best racket shop in town, let's look at what to consider when buying one.

Consider Your Skill Level

Evaluate your play style before buying a padel racket. Are you a newbie or a seasoned pro? What's your style? Do you prefer playing defense or offense?

As a newbie, choose a lightweight, round-shaped racket. They provide maneuverability and feel nice in your hands, allowing you to control the power in your serves and returns better. Pros and experienced players can get a diamond-shaped one, which delivers more power.

Grip Size and Balance

The sweet spot is located between the handle and head. Rackets with heavy heads have more power in their swing but can be hard to control. If you are still learning how to play, select a racket that has a light head. Your serves will not be powerful, but you can control them.

Grip is crucial in helping you handle the racket well and keeping you safe from hurting your wrist or fingers. Consider buying a racket with a small grip size and adding an overgrip to ensure that it fits your hand perfectly.

Don’t Forget About Material

It is the biggest factor that determines the durability of your racket. Besides that, the core and surface materials influence power, control, and comfort. Carbon and fiberglass are the most common materials used for making padel rackets.

A simple guideline you should remember is that rackets with softer faces provide superior comfort and control. If you want more power in your game, go for a racket with a stiffer surface.

Wrapping Up

Padel rackets are available at different prices. You will find budget-friendly options for top-of-the-line brands costing over $300. Consider all of the factors in this guide to make an informed decision when shopping for a racket. 



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