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Light fantastic

Enjoy Vivid Sydney at the Park Hyatt. ...Learn more.

  • Apr 20 2024
  • 199
Light fantastic
Light fantastic

In the resplendent city of Sydney, teetering on the brink of winter’s embrace, a spectacle of light and colour prepares to pierce the encroaching gloom.

This is Vivid Sydney, an annual extravaganza that transforms the city into a nocturnal canvas of luminescent wonder. Amidst this kaleidoscopic chaos, the Park Hyatt Sydney, a bastion of luxury perched on the water’s edge, cunningly unveils its ‘Vivid at the Park’ Stay and Dine Package—a scheme so indulgent, so dripping with opulence, that even the most jaded of travellers might blink twice in astonishment.

From 24 May to 15 June 2024, guests of this illustrious establishment are invited to partake in an experience that promises not just a bird’s eye view of the Vivid spectacle from the sanctity of their private balconies but a foray into gastronomic excellence that could very well redefine their understanding of luxury.


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