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  • Apr 05 2024
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Samyang RoundsquareThis year, Samyang Roundsquare independently participates in the China International Import Expo for the second consecutive time. This marks a new chapter for us, as it is the first time that we attend a key state-level expo, since we introduced our new corporate brand this September. We are grateful to the Chinese government for providing us with such an important platform and all the important partners who are making it possible for us to participate.I am honored to attend the CIIE in person for my first time. As the world’s first import-themed state-level expo, CIIE demonstrates China’s confidence in and commitment to opening up to the outside world. This year, over one hundred executives from leading companies’ global headquarters have confirmed their attendance in CIIE, a new record for the event, and I am very pleased to be a member of CIIE’s “circle of friends.”Since it was founded in 1961, Samyang Roundsquare has been following the “honesty and trust” principle and achieved continuous growth. Now we have grown into a world-leading food company. Over the past decade, Samyang Roundsquare has expanded rapidly as its global sales hit KRW 1 trillion (US$720 million). Our product portfolio covers ramyeon, sauces, puffed foods, frozen foods, and etc It is worth mentioning that we are also the inventor of Buldak Ramyeon.China is a very important overseas market for Samyang Roundsquare and therefore we decided to set up the China company in 2021. Last year, our sales in China reached 25 percent of Samyang’s total global exports; and it is expected that the total sales in China, combining both online and offline channels, will set new records this year.Our booth at this year’s CIIE will feature many highlights under the theme “Samyang New Food World,” The size of our booth has nearly doubled compared with last year and we will provide more interactive exhibits. We will debut new health-conscious line-up to China at the expo, such as the “tangle” series, the non-fried instant noodles featuring taste that combines Asian and Western food, “COOTIQ,” an updated non-fried instant noodles adding unique tweaks to the premium menu, as well as “Korean Style Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken Flavor Buldak Ramyeon,” a new product exclusively customized for the Chinese market.Together with Chinese consumers, we are witnessing history. As China’s reform and opening-up continue, high-quality development deepens, and under the government’s common prosperity policy, Chinese people are now leading a more prosperous and fulfilling life.The fruits of high-quality development are now transforming into a high-quality life for the Chinese people. This is also demonstrated in the evolution of the meaning of “food” in our lives. Much more than a necessity, food now also serves as a bond linking culture and relationships. Samyang Roundsquare believes that “Food for Thought” is a trend of our time. The concept envisions a better world where food itself becomes a topic of conversation.Welcome to visit our booth, and we are looking forward to hosting more Chinese friends where everyone can learn more about Samyang Roundsquare’s history, brand spirits and innovative new products while also drawing a blueprint for their own high-quality life.


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