'Truly horrific’ Gary Lineker in tears as he relives his Grandad's World War II footsteps | GARY LINEKER: MY GRANDAD’S WAR aired on BBC One tonight and those watching at home saw the football legend get emotional when reading a diary entry.

'Truly horrific’ Gary Lineker in tears as he relives his Grandad's World War II footsteps

'Truly horrific’ Gary Lineker in tears as he relives his Grandad's World War II footsteps

'Truly horrific’ Gary Lineker in tears as he relives his Grandad's World War II footsteps

'Truly horrific’ Gary Lineker in tears as he relives his Grandad's World War II footsteps

'Truly horrific’ Gary Lineker in tears as he relives his Grandad's World War II footsteps

'Truly horrific’ Gary Lineker in tears as he relives his Grandad's World War II footsteps
'Truly horrific’ Gary Lineker in tears as he relives his Grandad's World War II footsteps
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Gary lineker, OBE and former captain of the England football team was seen on BBC One tonight embarking on an emotional and physically demanding journey in his grandfather’s footsteps to uncover his untold World War Two story. Known as one of the nation’s greatest strikers as well as his heroic part in the 1990 World Cup in Italy, Gary discovered his grandad, Stanley Abbs, a war medic, is also a national hero for his role in an Italian campaign of his own. Towards the end of the one hour special, Gary was unable to contain his emotions and got choked up when he read the account of a war doctor. Those watching at home saw Gary hold back the tears and the words resonated with the events his grandfather experienced. 

Like so many of his generation, Stanley was someone who didn’t speak much about what happened during the war. 

During the BBC documentary, Gary spoke to historical experts and veterans to piece together Stanley’s tale. 

Reading an entry from a war diary from a fellow medic, the descriptive narrative real hit home the severity of the conditions and environment the soldiers had to endure. 

“I’ve found an account written by a doctor in the same field ambulance unit as my grandfather, 185th field ambulance,” Gary told the camera. 

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gary lineker bbc

'Truly horrific’ Gary Lineker in tears as he relives his Grandad's World War II footsteps (Image: BBC)

“The actual doctor that was with them of the crossing here on the River Rapido.” 

BBC One viewers then saw Gary read a segment from the diary entry where it discussed the “ear-splitting, shattering noise” of war as well as the harsh reality of being unable to mourn for their fellow men. 

“‘A man drops beside me, dead, forgotten in a split second of time. We have no business with the dead, he is nothing.’” Gary told. 

“‘The enemy poured machine gun and mortar fire onto both banks of the river and bombs were falling into the blood stained stream itself.’ 

“‘Within very few hours, all the boats had been destroyed or washed away, spilling their heavily laden occupants into the water to die of their wounds or to drown,’” he concluded. 

Gary Lineker documentary my grandads war footsteps

The excerpt from the medics diary (Image: BBC)

Taking off his glasses, Gary simply muttered: “Sh*t.” 

Unable to put together a sentence he turned around and stared out to the river. 

“It kind of brings it to life a little bit,” he explained. 

“It’s crazy, I can’t imagine what they went through.” 

After several moments of relocation and deep thought, Gary said: “I suppose being here, where, my Grandad would’ve been is kind of made it all the more personal. 

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Gary Lineker documentary my grandads war footsteps

Gary went to the river (Image: BBC)

“It was the doctors account that kinda did me, it brought it to life - or death which ever way you want to look at it.

“And shows how, from a witness, someone who was right there with my grandad at one point, there’s no question about that, how truly awful it was,” he added. 

“They had to live in the moment. Someone who died, was worth nothing, you had to forget about them. 

“Thousands of people here who were so unbelievably brave and they haven’t had the credit they deserve. 

Modern Christmas Songs That Should be Movies

Modern Christmas Songs That Should be Movies

Modern Christmas Songs That Should be Movies

Modern Christmas Songs That Should Be Movies

With George Michael’s Last Christmas hitting screens this weekend, we look at other modern holiday classics that would work as movies.

In Last Christmas, Paul Feig and Emma Thompson bring us a story inspired by the words of George Michael’s “Last Christmas.” Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding star as an oddly matched duo who despite their differences find a bond that brings them together in an unexpected way (if you don’t know the song lyrics). So we came up with some imaginative movie concepts and talent that we could see in movies inspired by other Christmas hits.

Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses

This absolutely needs to be a movie. The song is about a year-long will they won’t they told through different holidays about a guy and a girl who keep just missing each other. It writes itself! They can’t agree on where to meet for lunch in the spring, she doesn’t join him on his boat over the summer because of a sunburn, he’s a no-show to the Halloween party she went to. Though it’s an 80’s track, it can speak to the millennial culture where everyone is too busy to follow through. Imagine this penned by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and starring Gemma Chan with Riz Ahmed as the romantic leads and directed by Karyn Kusama.

Christmas in Hollis – Run DMC

Kids in Queens find Santa’s wallet and go on an adventure through their neighborhood overnight to give it back. There’s much more going on with the cookie crumb trail Santa leads these kids on that has them uncovering a conspiracy and ultimately saving Christmas. The vibe would be Dope meets Stranger Things but takes place in the ’90s like kid-centric holiday classic Home Alone. It could be an Ava DuVernay flick.

Don’t Shoot Me Santa – The Killers

For a while, The Killers would drop an annual Christmas track for the red foundation. “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” follows the story of a young man being hunted down by Santa for committing murders in the desert. In the video, Santa is digging up a grave for lead singer Brandon Flowers as he pleads for his life, insisting his victims deserved it. Obviously, this is a Coen brothers movie that we’re surprised hasn’t been made.

A Willie Nice Christmas – Kacey Musgraves feat. Willie Nelson

Yes, Willie Nelson had a feature on a Kacey Musgraves song about the joy of Christmas and staying higher than the Angel on top of the Tree. This would have to be a stoner road trip movie with grandpa through Texas. Maybe a boomer and their millennial grandkid, who isn’t spending the holiday with their girlfriend, bond through bud and get the idea to spread grandma’s ashes somewhere magical for Christmas.

All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is the living embodiment of Christmas and it’s truly surprising that her modern holiday classic hasn’t gotten big-screen attention. Yes, there’s a cute animated special that follows the story of a little girl who adopts a dog but we want a sweeping romance. Who better to direct this than Crazy, Rich, Asians director Jon Chu. It’d be opulent, have show-stopping musical numbers, and an amazing cast. Give us Daveed Diggs and Lily James as leads with a killer ensemble and the spirit of Christmas played by Carey herself. There have been rumblings of a film being in development with Carey but nothing concrete just yet.

Underneath the Tree – Kelly Clarkson

Love Simon’s Greg Berlanti definitely captured endearing holiday moments in his directorial debut with a Christmas playlist to boot. It would be so awesome to see a full-on Christmas movie from him, maybe written by Dan Levy who created the equally endearing Schitt’s Creek. A group of friends brace themselves for cuffing season, they explore romance in the digital age and work out whether finding the right person underneath the tree is truly important. Talent like Keke Palmer, Lana Condor and Billie Lourd leading the ensemble would be comedy gold.

Santa’s Coming For Us – Sia

A couple of years ago, pop hit-maker Sia released a holiday album of original songs. Among them was the lead single “Santa’s Coming for Us.” The music video starred Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard as parents prepping for a huge holiday party that Santa, played by J.B. Smoove, even shows up to. It turns into a madhouse that gets out of control quick. A frequent collaborator with actors, Sia has worked with Shia LeBeouf, Kristen Wiig,  Henry Winkler, Susan Lucci, Sophia Lillis, Caleb McLaughlin, and Maddie Zeigler. She recently also has jumped into directing so it would be fun to see her craft a longer narrative around this track or maybe create a musical with a selection of her tunes.

Last Christmas is out now!

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Warner Bros to launch film on Rin Tin Tin, the hound who saved the studio from bankruptcy, as a military hero

Warner Bros to launch film on Rin Tin Tin, the hound who saved the studio from bankruptcy, as a military hero

Warner Bros is setting up a movie built around Rin Tin Tin, the German Shepherd who was once credited with saving the studio from bankruptcy in the 1920s, Deadline reported on Monday.

Matt Lieberman, who recently scripted another dog film for Warner Bros in the upcoming animated “Scoob,” was hired for the project, the outlet revealed. Lieberman previously scripted the MGM animated film “The Addams Family,” as well as “Playing with Fire” starring John Cena.

According to the outlet, Andrew Lazar’s Mad Chance, the production company behind “American Sniper” and “Cats & Dogs” will produce the film alongside rights holder Sasha Jenson and Jeff Miller.

The idea of a hero hound made fit for the big screen may have seemed from the real-life Conan, a military working dog who took part in the raid that resulted in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Oct. 27.



According to the outlet, the Belgian Malinois chased the 48-year-old down into a tunnel where Baghdadi then detonated his suicide vest. Conan was publicly praised by President Trump, who awarded the dog a bronze paw print medal, also known as the equivalent of a canine Medal of Honor, for a dog that was injured during his mission.

Deadline revealed the plan of this film is to transform Rin Tin Tin into “a modern action star, the John Wick of dogs.” The live-action flick would explore how an elite military dog takes on a dangerous mission to prevent a large-scale attack.

The original Rin Tin Tin of Hollywood also shares military roots. Lee Duncan, an American soldier fighting in WWI, discovered a litter of German Shepherd puppies that were left to die in a bombed outfield in France. The puppies, which were bred to serve the German Imperial Army, were liberated by Duncan, who later found homes for them.

Duncan went on to keep two of the puppies for himself. One of them, Rin Tin Tin, was named after a doll some soldiers used as a good luck charm, NPR reported. Rin Tin Tin later won dog shows and quickly became a household name as a beloved entertainer.


Rin Tin Tin, circa 1930.

Rin Tin Tin, circa 1930. (Getty)


The Rin Tin Tin films became so popular, the franchise saved Warner Bros from bankruptcy more than once during the silent film era. According to Hollywood legend, Rin Tin Tin was poised to win the first Oscar for Best Actor, but it was later decided it would be considered bad luck.

Duncan dedicated his life to the entertainment career of his pooch, NPR shared. But like many Hollywood stars, Rin Tin Tin became a casualty of “the talkies” or films with sounds during the late '20s.

The outlet shared Rin Tin Tin, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars in its lifetime, died in 1932 — “although probably not, as the legend has it, in the arms of the actress Jean Harlow.”

Matthew McConaughey honors troops in Instagram post: 'Thank you for your service'

Matthew McConaughey honors troops in Instagram post: 'Thank you for your service'

On Veterans Day, Matthew McConaughey is honoring those who have served our nation.

The 50-year-old actor took to Instagram on Monday to share a 2005 photo of himself standing with members of the 77th Regional Readiness Command in New York City.

"Look up #thankyouforyourservice," he captioned the picture.


McConaughey isn't the only star to show his support for service members.


Chris Pratt also took to Instagram on Monday to thank his brother Cully, whose real name is Daniel, for his service as an infantryman, a military police officer and an Army recruiter and retention officer.

He left the Army in 2003 after serving for eight and a half years, according to his recent work profile.

"We have the greatest armed forces the world has ever seen," the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star, 40, wrote. "It’s made up of real people who joined for myriad reasons.


"Brave men and women who sacrifice a whole hell of a lot. Today is their day. So celebrate a veteran today," he added.


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