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ITV Emmerdale's Tom King's fate revealed after dramatic electric shock but fans are fuming

Emmerdale fans were left raging after Belle Dingle's abusive husband Tom King was revealed to have survived a dramatic electric shock during the latest episode

  • Jun 24 2024
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ITV Emmerdale's Tom King's fate revealed after dramatic electric shock but fans are fuming
ITV Emmerdale's Tom King's fate revealed after dramatic electric shock but fans are fuming

Emmerdale: Belle tells Tom she's had a miscarriage

The fate of Emmerdale's villain Tom King, played by James Chase, has been sealed following his electrocution.

The character returned to the Dales last year after a decade in Saudi Arabia and quickly rekindled his romance with former love Belle, portrayed by Eden Taylor-Draper.

Earlier this year, the couple tied the knot, but viewers have witnessed Tom emotionally abusing Belle in recent months. Initially, he belittled her choices and undermined her, even criticising her wedding dress.

However, Tom's control over Belle has intensified, culminating in physical attacks. To add to the drama, Belle discovered she was pregnant but chose to terminate the pregnancy without informing Tom, instead telling him she had miscarried.

In Monday's episode (June 24), Belle was visited by her mental health care coordinator while Tom was at work. After revealing her situation with Tom, Belle was encouraged to leave.

Despite initial hesitation, she eventually agreed and began packing her belongings, reports the Mirror.


The fate of Emmerdale's villain Tom King has been sealed following his electrocution. (Image: ITV)

In a dramatic twist, Tom found himself at the new Barn after learning of Belle's deception and pregnancy termination. Overwhelmed with anger, he wielded an iron bar, leading to a shocking incident where he unwittingly smacked the barn's rotary isolator.

The dastardly character was electrocuted and flung against a beam which caused him to lose consciousness. He was promptly whisked away to hospital, provoking Belle to abandon her plans for escape.

Belle called upon the hospital later and was informed that Tom had been momentarily dead. Alarming events took a wicked turn when an ailing Tom chillingly promised Belle from his hospital bed: "I'm never leaving you."


Villain Tom was hospitalised during Monday's episode of Emmerdale (Image: ITV)

Comments poured in as interwebbers reacted negatively to Tom's unexpected survival. On X, formerly known as Twitter, one individual voiced their disappointment by commenting: "I wish Tom didn't survive that."

Another chimed in with: "Tom's alive?? FFS."

"While a third lamented: "This is going to go on for months!".

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV1 and ITVX at 7.30pm


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