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Coronation Street legend fears soap will be cancelled after 'extremely average' acting

Coronation Street icon Charlie Lawson fears the long-running soap won't be around for much longer, as he claims the show's older stars are "not happy" and the viewing figures have "plummeted".

  • Jun 24 2024
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Coronation Street legend fears soap will be cancelled after 'extremely average' acting
Coronation Street legend fears soap will be cancelled after 'extremely average' acting

Corrie legend Charlie Lawson

Corrie legend Charlie Lawson blasted the soap in a new interview (Image: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Coronation Street veteran Charlie Lawson has sounded the alarm over the future of the beloved soap, suggesting that it may cease to exist within a decade. The 64 year old actor, renowned for his portrayal of Jim McDonald starting in 1989, has expressed concern over what he sees as a decline in acting quality and a weary ensemble of older actors alienating devoted viewers, hinting that the curtains might be closing for Weatherfield's most celebrated residents.

Speaking at the memorial service for the late Corrie scriptwriter John Stevenson, the actor and actress Sarah Lancashire aired their worries. Reflecting on their conversation, he shared with The Sun on Sunday: "I fear that 'Corrie' might not be here in ten years' time. Sarah and I were talking. We both agreed John wouldn't recognise the show."

He went on to mourn the transformation, stating: "We felt it was a completely different animal, so fundamentally different from our day - and the viewing figures have plummeted."

Charlie criticised the exhaustive demands placed on longstanding cast members like Sue Nicholls (Audrey Roberts) and Barbara Knox (Rita Tanner), hinting they may depart as Helen Worth did after an impressive fifty years playing Gail Platt.

Charlie Lawson

Charlie Lawson suggested the workload is too much (Image: ITV)

He further described today's situation on set as rather dispiriting: "The workload is huge. The cast is huge, there's less time for enjoyment, for fun, to get to know the vast quantity of people there."

Concluding with a sombre observation about his colleagues: "It wouldn't surprise me if some of the stable of elderly actors leave too. I know they are not happy, it's not the happy ship it used to be."

"They are the foundation of 'Corrie', and the young ones have to try and live up to that. But I'm afraid most of them never will. Some are great but many performances from some of the younger cast are extremely average, sometimes disappointing."

"They use Alison King all the time because she's a f****** brilliant actress. But I know she gets absolutely knackered."


Charlie Lawson made his Corrie debut in 1989 (Image: ITV/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK)

"If you've got the best centre forward on the park, you use them. And they do, with Simon (Gregson) too. They are quality, they get flogged sometimes."

"The only way I can see him going back is to die."

"How could Jim fit in now? Television has become dipped in a large bucket of PC woke s***e. You'd have to change him completely, cut his nuts off. I couldn't play that."

"It would be a disservice to every 'Corrie' writer past and present and to the character, who became a legend. It's sad. I want the character to stay alive forever."

Charlie has now written his autobiography That’s Life, So It Is — a nod to his Corrie catchphrase — which he says would never have been published when he was on the show because of its explosive stories.


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