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EastEnders' Natalie Cassidy fumes as 'private' Barbara Windsor chat revealed

Natalie Cassidy opened up on the advice she had been given by her EastEnders co-stars, including Dame Barbara Windsor and late actress June Brown, as Charlene White exposed a 'private' conversation

  • Jun 24 2024
  • 148
EastEnders' Natalie Cassidy fumes as 'private' Barbara Windsor chat revealed
EastEnders' Natalie Cassidy fumes as 'private' Barbara Windsor chat revealed

Loose Women: Panel booed at the start of Friday's show

EastEnders' leading lady, Natalie Cassidy, was taken aback when Loose Women's presenter Charlene White brought up a "private" conversation on live television. Natalie joined the ranks of the ITV daytime programme as a guest panellist, spilling secrets about tips she received from legendary soap stars including Dame Barbara Windsor and June Brown.

In a heartfelt revelation, Natalie confessed: "Barbara, on a professional level, really helped me.

"She was very, very straight talking. She helped me go, 'You need to be on time, you need to be polite to people, you need to be kind. You need to do your homework and know your lines and just be very grateful for the job'. I've taken that on board."

As the crowd showed their admiration, Charlene interjected: "She could be tough with you without saying a word. Like, if you'd had a night out when you were working the next day?" Natalie responded briskly: "Thank you for that! It was a private conversation in the green room!"

However, she quickly dusted it off before unveiling the tongue-lashing she received from Barbara. Recounting one episode, she disclosed: "I remember going out with H from Steps one night - it was early 2000s, maybe very late 90s. I came into work and it was in the days when EastEnders stars were on the front of papers, it was a big thing back then," reports the Mirror.

Natalie Cassidy wants to be the next Dame Barbara Windsor and 'help new stars with advice'

Natalie Cassidy wants to be the next Dame Barbara Windsor and 'help new stars with advice' (Image: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

"I remember walking in and me and H from Steps were on the front of The Sun. I remember walking past and seeing Barbara with a paper. She was like, 'Morning!' I was like, 'I have been out but I am on time!' but I don't think I ever did it again! I never went out on a school night ever again."

Charlene added her thoughts: "It's keeping you in line without saying a word!" as Natalie admitted Barbara was "amazing". June Brown, on the other hand, focused on providing Natalie with acting guidance.

EastEnders' Peggy Mitchell

Dame Barbara had plenty of advice for a young Natalie Cassidy (Image: BBC)

"Hers was more about the craft and the acting. She'd always say, 'darling, that sounds so boring'. She'd say 'every line is a song. Think about how you say things, don't be too monotone, and listening is better than reacting.' I'm so grateful for them."

Charlene then queried: "I know you don't like to think of yourself as a soap legend but you absolutely are an EastEnders legend. So in your role, do you give the younger members of the crew nuggets of advice?"

Natalie replied: "They're so good. They're better than we were. They're not out drinking all night, they're meditating or talking about their sleep. I just tell them what I learned be kind to people, learn people's names, know the crew."


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