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Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen reveals 'method in the madness' to raising children

Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen admitted she was "spinning plates" as she raises nine children.

  • May 22 2024
  • 117
Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen reveals 'method in the madness' to raising children
Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen reveals 'method in the madness' to raising children

Amanda Owen

Amanda Owen opened up about raising her children (Image: CHANNEL 5)

's shepherdess has said she never really switches off from work in a candid interview about family life. The TV star spoke about how her showbiz life was a welcome break from the

Speaking to Times Radio, the mother-of-nine said she was up early that morning getting a few jobs done before heading off, including "telling a few children off" and "micromanaging". Amanda added: "Which is what I spend a lot of time doing, fingers crossed I haven't had any calls to say anything has gone wrong."

She explained how when she was away from the farm, the thought of work stayed with her. The shepherdess continued: "Yeah, it's all kind of logged in there, I'm not a great list person so there isn't a huge masterplan.

"The way we have raised the kids is that they are quite independent, they do a lot of stuff for themselves. You see, there was a method in the madness.

"So they do have the tasks, they do have the jobs, they do a lot for themselves." Addressing how she manages with she said: "Clive is there, we are co-parenting and he is overseeing things.

Amanda and Raven Owen

Amanda and her daughter Raven Owen (Image: AMANDA OWEN INSTAGRAM )

"You have to juggle, don't you? I'm spinning plates, me."

are Raven, , Miles, Edith, Violet, Sidney, Annas, Clementine and Nancy.

She has expressed how proud she was of her offspring, including her eldest, Raven, who recently celebrated her 23rd birthday.

Amanda and Reuben Owen

Amanda and Reuben Owen (Image: AMANDA OWEN INSTAGRAM )

On Instagram, Amanda also praised her eldest son Reuben on the success of his new show called Reuben: Life in the Dales.

Sharing a photo of the pair with their arms around one another, she wrote: "So proud of big lad @reubenowen74 He’s a star."

After Our Yorkshire Farm ended, Amanda hosted a spin-off series, Amanda Owen's Farming Lives, in which she got stuck into daily life on some of the UK's most extraordinary farms.


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