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BBC Countryfile fans all left asking the same question over presenter's outfit

Countryfile viewers watched Hamza Yassin and Sammi Kinghorn present a bee-themed special on Sunday night.

  • Apr 21 2024
  • 36
BBC Countryfile fans all left asking the same question over presenter's outfit
BBC Countryfile fans all left asking the same question over presenter's outfit

Countryfile: Matt and Anita drive through the Lake District

fans were left distracted on Sunday night after watching the show’s weather segment. As presenter Darren Bett appeared on-screen, people were quick to point out his relaxed choice of attire.

It wasn’t long before viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on his outfit choice. @ihnewman said: “Quick change there, well done.”

@arrow_sorel added: “Well done Darren - correct attire.” @TheMainstand commented: “Subtle check from Darren, well-played sir.”

@SamTLowry asked: “Why do weather presenters dress down for Countryfile?” Another fan said: “Well done, perfect check casual.”

Elsewhere in the show, presenter Joe Crowley grilled the Minister of State for Food, Farming and Fisheries within the UK, Mark Spencer.

Darren Bett

Countryfile fans were distracted by Darren's outfit (Image: BBC)

It comes after the Government gave the sugar industry the green light to use a banned pesticide, despite the widespread concern that the pesticide could be deadly for bees.

During the episode, Joe spoke to one farmer called Alice who harvests sugar beet, however, over the years they’ve faced tough times due to the Virus Yellows disease.

She explained the disease attacks the sugar beet, which could result in a great loss in profits.

However, to combat this there is a treatment to the seed which is added to help aid in protection against Virus Yellows.

Although this option contains a neonicotinoid pesticide, which is toxic to bees and other insects.


The Countryfile star grilled the MP over the ban (Image: BBC)

Despite its use being banned in the UK in 2018, each year British Sugar and NFU Sugar apply for emergency use of the banned pesticide, which has always been granted once a threat level for the disease has been met.

Speaking about this, Joe asked: “Tell me why have you overruled the Government's expert advisors and decided to allow sugar beet farmers to use a banned pesticide?”

The MP replied: “We’ve taken advice from a number of people, we’ve come to a balanced view which is, on this occasion, it is right to allow the use of this pesticide as a one offseason.”

However, the Countryfile star wasn’t having any of it as he highlighted this is the fourth year in a row the decision has been made, not a one-off.

Mark Spencer

Mark Spencer defended his decision on Countryfile (Image: BBC)

Mark Spencer replied: “Yes, those decisions are taken independently on an annual basis, we’ve increased criteria, making it more difficult.

“But, we still come to a conclusion this year, it is worthy of dispensation.”

Asking if he’s accepting there will be some environmental harm due to this decision, the MP told the BBC star that nothing is 100 per cent safe.

Countryfile is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.


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