EastEnders theory: Double exit as Bobby Beale and Dana leave Square and elope | EASTENDERS' youngsters Bobby Beale and Dana Monroe have been through a lot together, and despite breaking up months ago, it's clear the two want to ge

EastEnders theory: Double exit as Bobby Beale and Dana leave Square and elope

EastEnders theory: Double exit as Bobby Beale and Dana leave Square and elope

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Bobby (played by Clay Milner Russell) and Dana (Barbara Smith) broke up earlier this year after the former struggled to cope with how dangerous his partner's brother Aaron Monroe (Charlie Wernham) had become. In recent months, Bobby has indicated he'd like to give the relationship another go, but in a twist of betrayal, his brother Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson) slept with Dana, leaving him devastated. However, in upcoming scenes, the two decide to have a proper conversation - could they opt to elope and leave the past behind them?

Official spoilers for the BBC soap reveal the Beale family will face a tough decision.

Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) ends up breaking the news to Bobby that she needs to sell Walford East.

In The Vic, Dana consoles Bobby about the restaurant closing and they agree to meet for a drink the next day.

Later, he confides in Tom "Rocky" Cotton (Brian Conley) about his plans to meet with Dana as friends for drinks.

Rocky decides to tell both Dana and Bobby respectively that they each want to get back together.

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EastEnders: Will Bobby and Dana elope? (Image: BBC)

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Nervous, Bobby and Dana go for their drink.

Will the two end up getting back together?

It could be that they decide to give things another go, but this time to make it official after the heartbreak they endured.

With the restaurant closing, the pair will also lose their jobs.

With nothing keeping them in Walford and bad memories surrounding them, the young couple might decide to elope and start a new life away from the Square.

EastEnders: Bobby and Dana agree to meet (Image: BBC)

EastEnders: Bobby wanted to get back together with Dana (Image: BBC)

The two were going strong until Bubby began to suspect Dana's brother was involved in a far-right gang.

Bobby always suspected Aaron of being involved with a dodgy group of people and tried to warn his girlfriend.

When he shared his concerns with Dana in January, she was furious and broke up with him.

Once he was proved right though, she wanted to give their relationship another chance.

"You were right," she admitted to the teenager.


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She added: "I'm sorry for not believing you. Especially because I love you, and I've messed everything up."

Bobby replied: "Now we can put this behind us and focus on our futures."

He added: "When you gave me back the headscarf it just made me realise that this whole thing is just kind of conditional for you.

"You come to Mosque but only because it makes me happy, you say you might convert but only because you want to be with me.

"And then when something terrible nearly happened to my community and my friends, the only thing you could think about was the threat to yourself.

"As much as I love you, and I do, everything that's happened recently has just made me realise how integral my faith is to who I am."

Dana was heartbroken, and the two have avoided each other for most of the year.

When Dana took back her job a few weeks ago though, Bobby decided he wanted to get close with her again.

He was sure they could give things another go until Peter ended up sleeping with Dana.

Bobby was furious, and hasn't talked much to Dana since.

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Now that the two seem to be back on speaking terms and eager to meet up again though, they may be ready to work things out.

Although Rocky is sneakily plotting for the pair to get back together, it's possible it may be in their best interests.

Neither of them is put off by the idea and are excited for their date.

Will the young couple be part of a double exit as they escape Walford to find their happily ever after?

EastEnders continues on Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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