Naughty Boy and Louise Minchin in tense I'm A Celeb clash as campmates step in | NAUGHTY BOY found himself at the centre of two separate confrontations about food on Thursday's episode of I'm A Celeb.

Naughty Boy and Louise Minchin in tense I'm A Celeb clash as campmates step in

Naughty Boy and Louise Minchin in tense I'm A Celeb clash as campmates step in

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I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here, returned to ITV for another episode and this time Naughty Boy clashed with two different contestants about food. The musician first argued about rice and then in the evening during dinner.

After sharing his disdain for the main camp, Naughty Boy and the rest of the group from The Clink finally had their long-awaited reunion.

However, the tranquillity didn’t last long after he and singer Frankie Bridge fell out over rice and how it was cooked.

In true I’m A Celeb form, rice and beans were being cooked for their evening meal and the usually straightforward task was dubbed RiceGate by viewers on social media.

Speaking to actor Danny Miller, the musician stated: "Rice pudding is supposed to be a sweet dish," and confessed, "that was difficult for me to eat."

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I'm A Celeb: Naughty Boy and Louise

I'm A Celeb: Naughty Boy clashed Louise Minchin (Image: ITV)

I'm A Celeb: Naughty Boy and Kadeena

I'm A Celeb: Naughty Boy and Kadeena clashed over making dinner (Image: ITV)

He continued: "It's not supposed to be rice pudding, it's supposed to be rice that goes with beans."

In the Bush Telegraph, he revealed: "I'm quite passionate about cooking and maybe this isn't the place to be passionate about cooking - I don't want to be the one who says it, I'm just being real, it's not rice."

Frankie caught wind of him sharing his dislike for the rice and told him: "You're just coming into our camp and this was just what we did…"

Before she could finish her sentence, Naughty Boy interrupted and shared that he was offended when she used the term "our camp" and stated: "Don't say things like you came to 'our' camp."

I'm A Celeb: Naughty Boy and Frankie

I'm A Celeb: Naughty Boy and Frankie's clashed over rice (Image: ITV)

I'm A Celeb:  Frankie

I'm A Celeb: Frankie was left in tears over confrontation with Naughty Boy (Image: ITV)

The disagreement resulted in Frankie walking away upset, and telling Kadeena through tears: "Why can no one talk about rice in here? I can't deal with it."

Much later, when it was dinner time, it kicked off again but this time with Paralympian Kadeema and former presenter Louisa Minchin.

After the campers prepared quail for dinner, Louisa requested "Can we not have more than two people cooking," and Kadeena quipped: "These two have taken over."

Louisa responded: "No we haven’t taken over, all I’m doing is chopping, I’m very happy to leave."

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This is exactly what she did, the presenter instantly stopped chopping, put the knife down and walked away.

Speaking to football legend David Ginola, Louise told him: "David I’m not cooking, you do it, I’ve moved on."

This led Kadeena to ask: "What are you doing Lou?"

"No, no I’m fine," she reassured despite asking others if they wanted to cook.

Despite refusing to cook at first, Naughty Boy then suggested he should make the rice.

This prompted Kadeena to say: "Do you want to cook, if you want to cook, I can let you cook."

The musician fired back: "What do you mean I don’t think chopping is cooking."

Naughty Boy then went to the Telegraph where he explained: Me and Kadeena had agreed to cook so I don’t know why she would just do that, knowing and then say that to me.

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! on ITV and ITV Hub.

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