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Comparisons are repulsive, do not make it as our nature habit we are all unique

By: janjansen.guru

  • Nov 20 2022
  • 83
Comparisons are repulsive, do not make it as our nature habit we are all unique
Comparisons are repulsive, do


Comparisons are repulsive, do not make it as our nature habit we are all unique

We can actually individuals not compare with each other, because everyone is totally different and there maybe can perhaps equivalent characteristics, but that will never be completely accurate.

Everyone has their own unique features, such as the fingerprints are exceptionally different.

If such a comparison is sought to be made between two people of almost identical virtue and value, this can then resulting the image of a designated person in a bad light.

And this might be a wrongly comparison, with respect to the other, then a similar comparison is rejected.

This type of equation is also known as an odious comparisons.

It is virtually impossible for us or a second person to make a comparison with others, because everyone have an unique and peculiar character.

But it's something many people have on hand to do so and start to compare by judging and try to get on this way equivalent.

Or through their words let somebody get a guilty feeling, because of thinking that they are extraordinary.

It is not naturally to compare someone with others and actually more an insult than a compliment in most cases.

Do not let someone else eat something that we will never serve for ourselves on the same dining table.

Everyone has their own exceptional character and habits, and it will click between each other or we can take no pleasure with it, but to compare them and insult is no need and unusual in life.

Comparisons are odious, so do not make it as an extrajudicial targeted habits for harming others or for the benefit of eloquent with their feelings.

Behave our own so that others can be proud to know us.


All the best for You with a Good Health

author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb www.janjansen.guru


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