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One who live in poverty should never lose his own dignity

By: janjansen.guru

  • Nov 19 2022
  • 107
One who live in poverty should never lose his own dignity
One who live in poverty should

One who live in poverty should never lose his dignity.

If we have a good place to stay (be it a permanent home or just for sleeping place) and have a constant stable cash flow is really nothing to complain about, because then we can live a lavish life if we think logically.

We need not worry because every month we have the money to pay for our living, also we have a place to sleep where probably is with more furniture.

With these amenities, which can meet a basis for our livelihood, and from there is a possibility for improvements.

We often forget that there are some people who were born and not even have these facilities, thus for them, they way they grown-up is the most normal thing in this world.

They are happy and satisfied with what they have and do not know how to be envious or jealous, because they are not grown up with it, and in their mind everyone is equal.

They respect each other and possessions without thinking to steal it or never will have in their mind to find a way to do that.

While most people who were born with almost everything ready for them,still they want to have increasing more, because they are still not satisfy with their current situation, probably they do not know better, because this is their lifestyle of these days.

At times when everything are in abundance, there are people who are still not satisfied and want to increase for more, so things can sometimes go wrong by the greediness, thus they make errors or mistakes everywhere.

They lose a portion of their wealth and must take a step back from the financial setback they suffered, at such moments, having a strong character can determine for the future.

That will determines which direction their future life will lead them to, because they are used to a certain standard of living, and it seems that they can no longer meet on that finances expenses.

Many are inclined to choose the path of crime, because they think it is so easy to make money by resuming their previous way of life.

But they forgot one thing, which is to maintain the pride and dignity of themselves, it is better to live with poverty and improve from there, they can get a better life again.

To use others for their own recovery is not a smart idea, because to do that, they will have a bad name for the rest of their life and people will keeps pointing finger to them, followed by malicious words.

Be proud of ourselves and always keeps the warm hearted, be honest to others, so that we are can live in dignity.

All the best for You with a Good Health

author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen www.janjansen.guru


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