Russian missile strike hits crowded shopping mall in central Ukraine

러, 우크라 중부 쇼핑몰에 미사일 공격...최소 16명 사망

Two Russian missiles have slammed into a crowded shopping center in central Ukraine,... killing at least 16 people.
Amid accusations that Moscow is targeting civilians,... the G7 leaders have pledged to provide unwavering support for the war-torn country.
Lee Eun-jin has more.
A Russian missile strike has hit a crowded shopping mall in the city of Kremenchuk in central Ukraine .
Senior Ukrainian officials say that at least 16 people have been killed while 59 others have been wounded.
Footage of the aftermath of the strike circulated by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy showed dark smoke billowing into the sky from the building.
At the time of attack,... he explained that more than 1-thousand people were in the shopping center.
The region's governor called the strike "an act of terrorism against civilians."
There was no immediate comment from Moscow,... which denies deliberately targeting civilians.
Against this backdrop,... a UN spokesperson condemned Russia's latest attack.

"We don't have any numbers on casualties yet, but it is deplorable, to say the least. Any sort of civilian infrastructure, which includes, obviously, shopping malls and civilians, should never, ever be targeted."

Western countries from the G7 bloc pledged unwavering support for Ukraine.
Meeting in Germany, they said Monday that sanctions on Russia would be kept for as long as necessary.
They also vowed 29-point-5 billion U.S. dollars worth of support for the country to ensure Ukraine can deliver basic services to its people.
This comes as Zelenskyy addressed G7 leaders by video,... urging them to supply Ukraine with sophisticated missile defense systems and additional aid.
Lee Eunjin, Arirang News.

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2022-06-28, 10:00 (KST)


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