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The contract is valid for 365 days and withdrawals are possible every day. When the contract expires, the principal can be recovered

1. After registration, you can get 888.88USDT experience coins. Daily mining income is as high as 7%~20%

How to get 888.88USDT:
When registering as a member, the platform will give away 888.88USDT experience coins as a simulated mining income. Invite 10+ users to join the team. All users deposit more than 501USDT. You can contact us to apply for 888.88USDT reward.

2. VIP level recharge amount table:
Earnings are calculated based on the total amount of USDT you invest and your membership level.
VIP1 accumulated deposit (5 to 500USDT) has a daily income of 7%, total deposit * 7% = daily income.
VIP2 cumulative deposit (501 to 5000USDT) daily income is 9%, total deposit * 9% = daily income.
VIP3 cumulative deposit (50001 to 10000USDT) daily income is 11%, total deposit amount * 11% = daily income.
VIP4 cumulative deposit (10001 to 30000USDT) daily income is 13%, total deposit * 13% = daily income.
VIP5 cumulative deposit (30001 to 60000USDT) daily income is 15%, total deposit * 15% = daily income.
VIP6 cumulative deposit (60001 to 100000USDT) daily income is 18%, total deposit * 18% = daily income.
VIP7 cumulative deposit (100001 to 1000000USDT) daily income is 20%, total deposit amount * 20% = daily income.

3. Promotion rewards:
If you successfully recommend the link to your friend to register and recharge USDT, the reward will be automatically added to the promotion account, which can be directly withdrawn or transferred to the basic account to obtain benefits.
You can get 3 tiers of bonuses: Tier 1 bonus: 10%, Tier 2 bonus: 5%, Tier 3 bonus: 2%.
For example:
Referring friend A to deposit 10000USDT, you will get 1000USDT.
A recommends B to deposit 10000USDT, and you will get 500USDT.
B recommends C to deposit 10000USDT, you will get 200USDT.
The income depends on the time of joining and the total amount of USDT invested.

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