My Personal Law of Attraction Story (Hindi)

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यह Law of Attraction पर मेरी पर्सनल स्टोरी है की कैसे Law of Attraction की वजह से मेरा ड्रीम पूरा हुआ. This is my personal story on Law of Attraction, on how my dream came true because of Law of Attraction. Its a Beautiful story & i am sure many of will be able to relate with this story.....

This video will show how my Vision Board helped me in getting what i attracted. What Is A Vision Board? In the simplest terms, a vision board (or dream board) is a collection of images that represent a goal. The aim of this tool is to focus your energy on a particular dream you have. As you find and display the images, you hone your sense of what you want to achieve, making your goals increasingly more concrete.

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