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What causes you to get steep or stuck from the inside? This is a big problem for a lot of people. It is about the club and the circle it is in relative to your center.

When Mike watches swings, he sees circles, not necessarily positions, and how these circles work together.

Being steep from the inside happens when you take the club back, and your body goes too fast. If your club is back and starts to come from the inside, you can get steep with your swing or hit behind the ball.

The circle of the center of your body does not match the circle of the club head. If you start opening up your center too soon, the club is behind your center on the swing.

The key is to try to time the circle of the club head with the circle of your center. The circle of the club head is naturally bigger than the circle of your center. They will create acceleration and speed through the ball when they are in unison.

If the circle of your center starts too early or gets ahead of the clubhead circle, it causes you to come over the top with your swing or forces you to drop the club behind you.

Jack Nicklaus had a solution for this problem, and it was all about feeling. He swung the club back, got out of the way, moved into his left side, swung the club down into the ball, and his body moved with his arms and followed the club through.

The key is to match the forces so that when you come down through the ball, those forces connect the momentum, acceleration, gravity, inertia, and centripetal force.

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