What do we know about the situation in Lysychansk? | Ukraine Update

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has renewed his call for faster arms shipments to his country. Russian troops are intensifying their assault in the Donbas region. He described the situation there in his nightly address.
They are closing in on the city of Lysychansk, in eastern Donbas. Russian troops are now less than three kilometres from the city limits. They've already captured almost all the neighboring city of Severodonetsk.

Russian forces have also resumed pounding Ukraine's second-biggest city, Kharkiv, located near the Russian border. Missile strikes there on Tuesday and Wednesday were the worst in weeks.

In Brussels, EU leaders and the leaders of the six Western Balkan countries are meeting to discuss a new pan-European political area, proposed to bring aspiring member countries closer to existing EU members.
This comes as Ukraine and Moldova are expected to be designated as official candidates for EU membership, leaving some Balkan countries frustrated by their own path to EU accession which they say is taking too long.

In Brussels, German Chancelor Olaf Scholz addressed the frustration expressed by the Balkan nations, waiting for EU membership.

In Russia - it is almost impossible to speak out freely against the war without repercussions. That's why a Berlin-based artist and illustrator has come up with a way of giving a voice - literally - to those who don't agree with Vladimir Putin's war, without fear of retribution.
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