Earth4All & Profit Motives to Solving Climate Change | Rik's Mind Clips Ep 110

As the United States is still caught in the throes of denial of climate change and “doom & gloom” reigns, there are groups that are trying to solve this problem. One of those groups is the Club of Rome. Building on their groundbreaking report “The Limits to Growth”, released in 1972, the Club has convened a new group to help humanity grow out of our fossil fuel addiction. Their new report “Earth4All” started as a vibrant collective of leading economic thinkers, scientists, and advocates, convened by The Club of Rome, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Norwegian Business School.
Earth4All builds on the legacies of The Limits to Growth and the Planetary Boundaries frameworks. Science is at the heart of their work. They rethink capitalism and move beyond GDP for a safe, secure and prosperous future in the Anthropocene.
To help us work our way through Earth4All, we are joined by the Club of Rome’s Till Kellerhoff. Till is the Program Director of the Club of Rome and Coordinator & National Engagement Lead of the Earth4All initiative as well as contributing author of Earth for All: A Survival Guide for Humanity. Before joining The Club of Rome, he studied Politics, Economics and International Relations at the University of Erfurt (Germany), the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico) and the London School of Economics (UK). He is mostly working on themes around "Rethinking Economics" and concepts around societal wellbeing for all within planetary boundaries. You can follow Till on his Twitter @TKellerhoff and the Club of Rome on their twitter @ClubOfRome.

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